How It Works

Accelerating Video Monentization

Accelerate video sales directly to consumers using our poweful intutive cloud-based eCommerce workflow and Digial Asset Management system.

Advanced eCommerce Workflows

With VendContent, you can easly rent, sell, or provide SVOD memberships to your consumers in one store - filling the needs of every buyer type.   

TV Anywhere Delivery (Multi-Screen OTT)

VendContent provides mult-screen delivery of your videos via the Internet so your audience can view your content on their mobile devices, PCs and connected HDTVs.

Digital Asset Management System

VendContent provides a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to organize, store and process your digital media files for multi-screen OTT delivery.  

Encoding and Preview Wizards

VendContent can encode your source digital files to ensure that your content plays back properly on mobile, desktop and HDTV devices, VendContent also provides a powerful Preview engine, which produces variable length previews based on parameters you define.

Reporting and Analytics Services

VendContent provides an array of client and partner reporting engines for you, your Content Partners and Affiliates.