Powerful Features

Packed with the tools needed for success.

VendContent enables both VOD and Membership content sales on a single site.  This Hybrid aproach improves revenue growth and customer satisfaction.  

Packaging and Pricing Wizard

With VendConent, every rental and purchase option is a package.  A 24 hour movie rental and 30 day rental are separate packages.  Lifetime straeming and digital download are two separate packages for purchase.  For every scene, episode, movie or collection or series, packages are used to create consumer choices.  Each package is assigned separate pricing schedules for Standard and VIP members.  

Content Bundling

The VendContent Bundling engine allows you to logically group content together into Episodes, Collections, and Series for consumer rental or purchase.  Bundling is also a way to create more inventory for sale in your store.  Bundles featuring a group of selected movies featuring a specifice performer, or director is also a great way to increase the average transaction value in your store.  Bundles are easily defined with prices for rentals, streaming and download purchase options using VendContent wizards.

Currencies and Payment Types

Standard and VIP customers can purchase your content in multiple currencies using many payment options - ACH, Credit Card, Vitual Wallet, PayPal, etc.   

Coupons and Promotions

VendContent provides advanced video merchadizing features for discounts and promotions.  Coupons and Promotions can be defined in several ways and scheduled to become effective and expire with easy user controls.    Both absolute and pecentage discounts can be defined with minimum purchase threshholds (e.g. $25 or 25% off when you buy $100 or more).    

Membership Management Wizards

VendContent blends Video on Demand and Membership Subscriptions on each store.  VIP users buy a membership (recurring and non-recurring) entitiling them to a collection of exclusive, discounted and/or free content.  You can define any asset or bundle to be exclusive to VIPs, discounted for VIPs, free for VIPs in any combination, and change those settings whenever needed.   Upon experiation, the VIP status is removed and the customer retains access to their purchases as a standard user.